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Spontaneous Improvisation

Composed NOISE

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Sydney Morning Herald, 8/10/2015

“String quartet, The NOISE, show improvising mastery on Stream.”

The Noise

“Conceived as an improvising string quartet, The NOISE are emerging more and more as a real-time composing collective, such is the conceptual and structural unity of their improvisations. Few people would raise an eyebrow if told that much of the music on this double album was fully notated. This is partly because Veronique Serret, Mirabai Peart, James Eccles and Oliver Miller maintain the same hallowed values as a conventional string quartet while improvising, which, in essence, is trying to make four instruments sound as one. To achieve this with notated music demands great skill and empathy. To do it while improvising requires that empathy to be even deeper: a keen instinct for enhancing each other's ideas moment by moment, and for losing oneself in that process. They also indulge in multi-tracking, which finds its greatest expression on a piece called Slumber, which applies a shifting palette of colours to preconceived and marvellously languorous thematic material.” JOHN SHAND

Sydney Morning Herald, 28/02/2014

“The NOISE is a string quartet for the new century.”

Composed NOISE

“The NOISE is a string quartet for the new century, helping keep chamber music alive. Having previously revealed their excellence as improvisers, Veronique Serret, Mirabai Peart, James Eccles and Oliver Miller now perform seven challenging pieces by local composers who were briefed to incorporate improvising or chance elements. The results are stunning. Rosalind Page's 3EPKANO is a wintry dreamscape. Andrew Batt-Rawden's 28 fidgets and flutters like a bird. Alex Pozniak's Force Fields is all contrasting textures and surprises. Paul Cutlan's Merge/Emerge melts in tender sighs coalescing into denser drama. Andrew Ford's String Quartet No. 4 has ghostly voices mingling with gauzy wisps of sound. Lyle Chan's Smoke Weather Stone Weather is a charming "game" piece sure to generate fresh performances, and Amanda Cole's Ecliptica shimmers like light on water.”

Sydney Morning Herald, 24/2/2012

“Uncanny Precision.”


You can hear the delight in the process as the members of The NOISE improvise. They listen hard, leave space for each other and cohere with sometimes uncanny precision. The core band is a string quartet consisting of violinists Veronique Serret and Mirabai Peart, violist James Eccles and cellist Ollie Miller: four young Sydney players who have taken to improvisation like birds to flying. They expand the options by going electric for some pieces and by having guests including guitarist Aaron Flower (who joins Miller in the equally fascinating Amphibious). Above all they share an aesthetic that free improvisation may dare to be melodic, evocative, starkly beautiful, and be realised with a touch of elfin lightness.


“An important concert for our time … This was a unique event with music played by accomplished and versatile musicians … brought broad minded hope for the future of Australian music.”

- Arts Hub

“The NOISE are a revolutionary new music ensemble in that most of what they play does sound new and does sound like music. Too often audiences who courageously venture into the contemporary music auditorium are tortured by "emperor's new clothes" compositions. The NOISE are playful, intelligent and technically excellent musicians not afraid to adhere to strong forms as well as sprinting into uncharted territory of improvisation. Their ability to liberate themselves from conventional parameters creates music that flings open wide doors in the minds of the listeners. …

This was a most exciting concert. The NOISE will bliss you out.”

- SMH (Canberra Times)

"Less funky (though piling on the experimentalism) were second support The NOISE, a string quartet (tonight trio) refreshingly unreliant on covers of metal songs, who instead utilise their extreme instrumental ability to create a series of shifting textures, elegant but laden with primitive foreboding. Delivered at all times with immaculate control, this was improvisatory string playing at its uncompromising best."

- The BRAG

“A hypnotic mix … Georges Lentz's String Quartet, an extended recorded work … built from improvisations by The NOISE. It moved through quietly scattered sounds to intensely etched textures, moments of quasi melody and long chords that glistened in and out of perception.”

-Sydney Morning Herald

“Improvised ‘contemporary classical’ music is not easily found in Australia. ... Sydney, however, has in The NOISE a fine ensemble of improvisers … A very satisfying concert, above all in its assaying of semi-structured improvisation by virtuosic musicians working as a confident ensemble.”

- RealTime

“The NOISE is a string quartet for the new century”

- Sydney Morning Herald

Download a press release for The NOISE’s 2015 album “STREAM”: TheNOISEStreamMediaRelease.pdf

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